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Every month, the State of Wisconsin releases registration data for new vehicles sales, followed by pre-owned sales every quarter.  Dealer Dynamics compiles the raw data, which includes hundreds of thousands of registration records each year, into easily accessible market data reports that can be viewed on demand.

By simply joining our web site at no cost, users can run multiple reports based on this data.  These include simple report like our State Rank Report, which ranks all dealers in the State of Wisconsin by their sales volume, to our Dealership Summary Report, which breaks down a dealership’s sales in multiple ways.

Continue reading below for more information about the market data, like which transaction details are included, and to view sample reports.  Once ready, become a member of the site just by sharing your name, email address, and dealership.  All dealers are welcome to join, whether you do business with us or not!

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By enrolling as a member of our site, you’ll get instant access to the market data.  Membership is completely free and no payment information is required to enroll.

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What is registration data?

The State of Wisconsin releases registration data for all vehicle sales, new & pre-owned, on a quarterly basis.  The raw data for the vehicles sold during that period is released in a massive file that Dealer Dynamics compiles and provides access to for members of our web site.  Dealers can then use the market data reports to help drive their sales strategy and keep tabs on their competition.

What does the quarterly data show?

Dealer Dynamics compiles hundreds of thousands of records each year for easy access by our users.  The dataset is robust and includes a wealth of useful information.

In addition to seeing what vehicles are selling in your city, county or around the state, it also includes basic customer information to identify whether customers are coming from in or outside your marketing area.  The lienholder data is especially useful to see which lenders are active in your area and what types of vehicles they are financing.

What types of reports can be run?

Whether just looking for basic details or wanting to take a deep dive into the data, users are able to run custom reports utilizing the complete market data, allowing you to see specific vehicle and customer information.

The data is also compiled to create a State Rank Report, which shows the sales rank of every dealer in the state, their previous rank, the total cars & trucks they sold in the State, total liens, and total out-of-state sales.

Dealership Benefits

  • View valuable sales data, like customer location and purchase details (VIN, year, make, model & mileage)
  • See lender activity in your area and the entire state with the lienholder reports
  • See where customers are purchasing from and if they are traveling to/from your area and/or the state
  • See how your dealership ranks against all other dealerships in the State of Wisconsin
  • Keep tabs on your competitors by viewing details summaries of individual dealerships
  • See a dealer plate while driving down the highway?  Have some fun and see more about their dealership!

Auto Insight Features & Highlights

Learn more about the features and highlights of the Auto Insight registration data.

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Market data is updated every quarter

Each quarter, the State of Wisconsin releases registration data for new and pre-owned vehicle sales.  Dealer Dynamics compiles the data and makes it available for our members on the Auto Insight web site, free of charge!

Learn about the vehicles your competitors are selling

The vehicle information included in the registration data includes the following fields:

Model Year
Body Style

See where customers buying in your market area are coming from

From the registration data, we can identify the customer’s postal code, city, state and county.  This information is used in reports to determine how many customers are coming into your marketplace and where they are coming from to purchase vehicles.

Have you ever wondered which lenders are buying the most loans and what they are buying?

By pulling the lienholder details from the registration data, Auto Insight reports will show you which lenders are being used by your competition, what they are buying, and how much. 

Keep tabs on your competitors by viewing the detailed dealership summaries
See how your dealership ranks in your city, county and the state

How does your dealership stack up against the competition?  Every quarter, we rank all dealerships based on their sales volume and make the entire list accessible.  Whether you’re number 1 or not, it’s powerful to track your progress over time and an opportunity to share any accomplishments with your customers.

Sometimes it's just fun to take a look!

Have you ever seen a dealer plate on the highway you were unfamiliar with and wonder who it was?  Make a mental note to look the number up later or use your smartphone on the spot to have a peak at the dealership.

It’s easy to use!

Because Dealer Dynamics does all the heavy lifting in compiling the raw data we receive from the State of Wisconsin, viewing the finished product is simple!

After logging in and choosing a report, users can further sort the data and view hidden columns that show additional information.  Many fields will contain deep links that allow you to drill down further into the data.  For example, if viewing the state rank report, you can click a dealership name to view the dealership’s summary.

Sample Market Data, Lists & Reports

Take a moment to preview a few of the registration reports available from the Auto Insight web site in the samples below.  For a preview of the Dealership Summary Report, please click the button below to view.

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State rank and registration totals for automobile dealerships in Dane, Milwaukee, and Racine counties.


State rank and registration totals for all lienholders in the State of Wisconsin.


A partial list of dealerships operating in the State of Wisconsin.  The list includes the dealership name, DBA (if any), the dealership address and dealership county.


A partial list of dealerships operating in the State of Wisconsin.  The list includes the dealership name, DBA (if any), the dealership address and dealership county.


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